Michael Jackson’s boys

Michael Jackson’s boys and their stories (every boy has his own article):

1) Terry George (1979-1981)


Terry admitted that Michael sexually harassed him over the phone. They were friends when Terry was aged 13 to 15.

Read about Terry here:

Michael Jackson and Terry George (1979-1981)

2) Emmanuel Lewis (1983-1993)


Jackson tried to get a hotel suite with Emmanuel Lewis as father and son. The parents of Emmanuel decided to keep him away from Michael, but it didn’t work. Emmanuel was close friends with Michael when he was aged 12 to 22.

Read Emmanuel’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Emmanuel Lewis (1983-1993)

3) Sean Lennon (1983-1990)


Sean was a friend of Michael when he was aged 8 to 15 years old. He wrote a very disturbing song about Michael and assumed that “something odd was going on” in Neverland. A friend of Sean Lennon said that they were watching porn with Michael when they were only 10.

Read Sean’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Sean Lennon (1983-1990)

4) Alfonso Ribeiro (1984-1986)


Alfonso was a friend of Jackson when he was aged 12 to 14.

Read about Alfonso:

Michael Jackson and Alfonso Ribeiro (1984-1986)

5) Corey Feldman (1984-1988)


Corey was friends with Michael as a teenager (13-17 years old). He stated that MJ showed him a book, which contained pictures of adult genitalia.

Read Corey’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Corey Feldman (1984-1988)

6) Jonathan Spence (1985-1989)

Unbenannt 1

He was friends with Michael when he was aged 12 to 16. Michael bought him his first car and Jonathan was sitting on Michael’s lap, sharing his bed and there was even a nude picture of Jonathan found in MJ’s home during the police investigation in 1993.

Read Jonathan’s story:

Michael Jackson and Jonathan Spence (1985-1989)

7) James Safechuck (1987-1992)


James finally admitted that Michael Jackson sexually abused him more than 100 times over a 4-year-period (1988-through 1992).

Read James’ story here:

Michael Jackson and James Safechuck (1987-1992)

8) Brandon Adams (1988-1990)


He was friends with Jackson between the ages of 9 and 11.

Read Brandon’s story:

Michael Jackson and Brandon Adams (1988-1990)

9) Macaulay Culkin (1990-1993)


They were close friends when Macaulay was between 10 and 13 years old. According to Macaulay, he only slept a handful of times in Jackson’s bed.

Read Macaulay’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin (1990-1993)

10) Wade Robson (1990-1997)


Wade confessed that he was molested by Jackson for 7 years. It started when he was only 7 years old and ended when he was 14.

Read Wade’s story:

Michael Jackson and Wade Robson (1990-1997)

11) Brett Barnes (1991-2001)


Brett testified in 2005 that he shared Jackson’s bed on a regular basis when he was aged 9 to 19. His sister stated that Brett slept 365 nights in Jackson’s bed.

Read Brett’s story:

Michael Jackson and Brett Barnes (1991-2001)

12) Bryton McClure (1992-2004)


Bryton was friends with Michael when he was aged 5 to 17. Jackson owned a shirtless picture of him.

Read Bryton’s story:

Michael Jackson and Bryton McClure (1992-2004)

13) Jordan Chandler (1992/1993)


At the age of 13, Jordan was molested by Jackson. Jordan was even able to describe Michael’s body, including his private parts. He was paid off with 15 million dollars.

Read Jordan’s story:

Michael Jackson and Jordan Chandler (1992/1993)

14) Frank,Eddie and Dominic Jr Cascio (1993-2005)


Frank was the closest to Jackson (out of those brothers) and he wrote in his book My friend Michael that he slept hundreds of nights in Jackson’s bed. He was close to Michael when he was aged 13 to 24.

Read the story of the Cascio boys here:

Michael Jackson and Frank,Eddie and Dominic Jr. Cascio (1993-2005)

15) Anthony Jackson (1995-2003)


He was aged 7 to 15 when he was close to Michael.

Read about Anthony Jackson here:

Michael Jackson and Anthony Jackson (1995-2003)

16) Michael Jacobshagen (1995-2000)


He slept in Jackson’s bed and admitted that Jackson showed him pictures of naked boys. He was aged 11 to 16.

Read Michael’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Michael Jacobshagen (1995-2000)

17) Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)


Omer was Jackson’s closest boy and he shared his bed on a regular basis. He was close to Michael when he was aged 12 to 25. When Bhatti was 25, Michael Jackson died. He was the only boy that stayed around until Jackson’s death and he even planned to join the This is it tour in London. When Omer was interviewed by the police in 2003, he almost stuttered.

Read about Omer Bhatti here:

Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)

18) Anton Schleiter (1997-2006)


Anton inspired Michael to write the romantic song Speechless when he was 14. There is also a video, in which Jackson is checking out Anton’s butt when he was only 17 years old. They stayed friends until Anton was 23 years old.

Read here about Anton:

Michael Jackson and Anton Schleiter (1997-2006)

19) Ahmad and Jawad Elatab (2001-2003)


Jackson became close to them when Jawad was 6 and Ahmad was 15. They stayed friends for 2 years. Both of those boys had sleepovers.

Read Ahmad’s and Jawad’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Ahmad and Juju Elatab (2001-2003)

20) Aaron Carter (2001-2004)


Aaron was close to Michael when he was aged 14 to 17. He once woke up and found Michael Jackson on his bed when he was 15 years old. He also wrote a creepy song for Michael and admitted that he smoked weed with MJ as an underage boy.

Read about Aaron here:

Michael Jackson and Aaron Carter (2001-2004)

21) Gavin Arvizo (2003)


Gavin was molested by Jackson at the age of 13.

Read Gavin’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Gavin Arvizo (2003)

22) Jarod and Nathan Malnik (2003/2004)


They have spent months with Jackson in 2003 and 2004 when they were 5 to 6 years old.

Read Jarod’s & Nathan’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Jarod and Nathan Malnik (2003/2004)

There was another boy who claimed that he was molested by Jackson between the ages of 7 and 10. He was also paid off by Jackson with 2 million dollars. His name is Jason Francia.


93% of all pedophiles are non-exclusive pedophiles, that means that they have an attraction to adults as well. In Jackson’s case, he was also homosexual in his adult orientation, which I have proven in this article:

Proof that Michael Jackson was gay / homosexual (adult men)



    • It actually is not. Many boys accused Jackson of molestation or other inappropiate behavior, if you wanna blame someone, blame those people who accused him of abuse etc. Or keep an open mind – better alternative.


    • Said no one with a brain. MJ paid 23 for his week was described to a T. Your media blame is always lame because you love pedophile’s and you have your head shoved so far up your rear. You can never see the court docs you have refused to read for yrs. All you do is expose what a troll you are & will always be.


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