Michael Jackson’s female accuser Jane Doe – Is she telling the truth?



Michael Jackson collected many dolls throughout his life. This is one he often slept with as late as 2009 and was found in his bed with him when he died. His sister Latoya Jackson stated he had an obsession with collecting dolls, which really creeped her out. [Something also shown in Sean Lennon’s “Bubbles Burst” video]. He stated to his Rabbi friend in 2001 that the dolls reminded him of children.

Yeah, and she – promised me that before we married, that would be the first thing we’d do was have children. So I was broken-hearted and I walked around all the time holding these little baby dolls and I’d be crying, that’s how badly I wanted them. So I was determined to have children. It disappointed me that she wouldn’t keep her promise to me, you know?” – Michael Jackson, on his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley & having children.

*** Pedophiles/Hebephiles often collect toys that are of interest to the children they are attracted to not only because it is used to lure those children, but because it is often of interest to the Pedophile/Hebephile himself/herself.

On October 25th, 2016, a recently-filed complaint against Michael Jackson’s Estate, MJJ Productions,and MJJ Ventures surrounding allegations of  “Childhood Sexual Abuse” surfaced. This time a woman – a 42-year-old new-mother – was the accuser.

Jane Doe and Michael Jackson

Here are two letters that Michael Jackson wrote to her:



The complaint filed alleged that Michael Jackson saw her outside his Hayvenshurst Mansion when she and her family were sight-seeing in 1986, and invited her and her mother inside. That he eventually took her phone number, spoke to her on the phone for long hours daily – about multiple topics including his affection for her – and sent her “love” letters which were exchanged for years before/throughout/after the abuse. She claims that he also groomed her mother by spending extended periods of time on the phone with her, attempting to form a bond with her over stories of his past and current life. Jackson bought her and her mother multiple gifts, invited her to spend time with him,isolated her from her parents on visits, and took her on shopping sprees alone. He groomed her for sexual abuse and sexually abused her from age 12 up until right before she turned 15. She claimed to have received multiple checks in-between those years. When the abuse ended, he paid her a total $920,000 in compensation – which she believed was a way for him to “retain control over her”. She also claims that she never connected her need for therapy, emotional/psychological injuries and medical problems to her alleged abuse, until after she saw in September of 2016 that Wade Robson and his lawyers were accusing Michael Jackson, MJJ Productions, and MJJ Ventures of “running the most sophisticated Child Sexual Abuse operation the world has ever known”,and stating he needed therapy for his abuse. It was after she reflected upon her abuse by Jackson for the first time in her life that she has now made the connection between those sexual experiences and her current problems. The complaint states there was no way she could have come forward sooner due to threats by Jackson and fear of many notorious individuals in his inner-circle particularly his Business Manager Frank Dileo, and knowing that others had filed lawsuits without being physically injured gave her the courage to do so – implying the threats were injury-related. She is coming forward to prove her claim that Jackson also molested girls and wants other female-victims to come forward or at least feel that they can do so freely if they choose.

The allegations include that Jackson fondled her genitals and body, digitally-penetrated her, gave her what he termed “movie kisses” where he tongue-kissed her mouth and body, orally copulated her, made her orally copulate him, rubbed his clothed and unclothed body against hers, rubbed his penis against her vagina, and attempted to penetrate her vagina with his penis one time – just only partially penetrating her, which caused her to bleed.

She alleges the abuse happened at various locations in Los Angeles, including but not limited to: his Hayvenshurst home, Universal Studios when they were on the set of “Moonwalker”, The Universal Sheraton Hotel while he was filming “Moonwalker”, his Neverland Valley Ranch, the set of the Smooth Criminal shoot, in the back of his Limousine, at the Lorimar Studios in Studio City, and at his apartment/condo he nicknamed “The Hideout”.

She claims multiple emotional, mental, & psychological injuries from this alleged abuse, including but not limited to: nightmares, fear, stress, shame, humiliation, depression, anxiety, physical distress, sadness, anger, trust issues, and control issues.

Here are copies of checks that Jane Doe received:



Her lawyers state that she has multiple checks given to her from 1990-1993 (when she was 16-19) from Michael Jackson himself, MJJ Productions & MJJ Ventures through his back account after the abuse ended, multiple “love” letters written to her by Jackson, letters from MJJ Production employees – showing their accomplice in the grooming process and hiding the abuse, some of the gifts she was given by Jackson, and a jacket he wore during an album photoshoot (speculated by some to be his famous “Bad” jacket).


Michael Jackson befriended some girls over the years. Most of these friendships were not creepy or unusual, none of them came close to his friendships with boys. But here are some female children, Jackson seemed to have a bond with:

1.Kidada and Rashida Jones


2.Nicky and Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton, Extra, 23 July 2009

Extra” caught up with Paris Hilton at the screening of her documentary “Paris, Not France” in Los Angeles, where the heiress opened up to “Extra” about her family’s relationship with Michael Jackson — and revealed that Michael’s only daughter was named after her!

My mom and Michael went to high school together and they were best friends since they were 13,” Paris explains. “So I grew up knowing Michael very well and when he had his daughter, he always loved the name Paris and grew up being an uncle to me.So he asked my mom if it was okay and of course she said yes and I think she’s such a beautiful little girl and I’m proud we have the same name.”

Kathy Hilton (29-6-2011): The mother of Paris Hilton, recently gave an interview to Celebuzz.com about her famous daughter’s new show, ‘The World According to Paris.’ But she was also asked about her friendship with Michael Jackson and when asked what some of her favorite moments with her friend were, Hilton answered:

My favorite moment with him would have to be when we were hunting for Easter eggs! One of the memorable times was him taking me to spend the day with Elizabeth Taylor. She’s my idol and reminded me so much of my mother. As kids, we would make prank phone calls and do silly things. He taught Kyle how to do the moonwalk when she was 4 years old. He was completely misunderstood. When he was at the Waldorf [hotel in NYC where the Hiltons lived], there were fans waiting outside in the rain with photos and I told him about them. He had a big meeting to attend but he signed pictures for them and even sent out an umbrella. That’s what he was like – so lovely. He raised beautiful,sweet children too. I will truly miss him.

3.Lala Romero


4.Kellie Parker


5.Nayanna Holley


6.the sisters of Macaulay Culkin

Kit Culkin describing Michael’s relationship with all his kids including his daughters Quinn and Dakota. I kind of want to emphasize that Kit Culkin really had a disliking for Michael, he was highly highly critical of him,pretty much blaming him for the reasons why Mac went on to emancipate himself from him later: which is why it’s important to note that he 100% does not believe MJ was an abuser or that he touched any kids,let alone his own. He actually breaks two myths by stating that Michael did not spend more time with his sons than his daughters and that his kids, including Mac, didn’t actually spend that much time with Michael:

Kit Culkin in his book “Lost Boys”: I should here say that Michael ever seemed to genuinely like all of my kids (as they did him) and quite equally so.I noticed, for I never found him in his visits or ours to be exclusionary or one to play favorites (holding one or some in higher esteem than the others: this sort of things). Indeed, he seemed ever to treat them all quite democratically and as though they were all of them (himself included) brothers and sisters of equal standing. I have heard it reported that Michael always wanted to play only with boys (just as boys usually only want to play with other boys, I suppose),but I never noticed this to be true. My six year old daughter Quinn (who, as her name would imply, was my fifth child) was always included in the activities that Michael would often plan and was always made to feel as though she was a part of the whole gang. As I say, Michael always treated my kids quite equally.

And lest one think that Neverland had attractions for only pre-adolescents, let me note that there were things about the place that gave my older children delight as well: and some of them quite unexpected. My ever enigmatic and inscrutable daughter Dakota, who was just then entering her teen years and was never one to get much excited about most anything, had something to tell me about one morning over breakfast:

Dad, guess who woke me up this morning?”

I dunno. Who woke you up this morning?”

Janet Jackson!”

(What could I possibly say to this?)

7.Amy Agajanian

You can see her with Michael and talking about Michael as a young girl in this video:

8.Marielle Tourelle


Michael Jackson and Marielle Tourelle (1996-1998)

9.Prety and Morly Ma


10.Riley Keough


11.Lucy and Harriet Lester


12.Nisha Kataria

Stayed at Neverland in 2003,

Michael came up to me and gave me a big hug and I did the same and Prince and Paris put their hands out to shake my hand and Michael said “No,we don’t shake hands in this family, we give hugs.” So then the kids gave me a hug and it was so sweet and we all sat down and began talking.

That day he was just like, “Okay, I want you guys, you and your family, to go enjoy Neverland and we’ll see you soon.” So I remember right when we left the room, that’s when my heart started racing and I was like “Oh my gosh, mom, dad, I just met Michael Jackson!”

We went around the ranch and we went on rides and Dieter came with me and my family and he kind of showed us where to go and we all drove little ATV’s and we went on the swings and I just remember going on the swings with my brothers and sisters and you can request music so we always requested Thriller and we would listen to it while swinging.

Michael actually invited me and my mom to live with him in Neverland, where we stayed for a couple of months and I recorded with Michael.

Here we will examine his bed-sharing and past claims of inappropriate behavior with young girls.


According to [Sean] Lennon,, Jackson was very shy around girls, like ‘an awkward teenager’. But every once in a while he would hit it off with one and invite her to his home for sleepovers.” – Sean Lennon, on the lack of girls comparing to boys in Michael’s bedroom, “Unmasked: The Final Years Of Michael Jackson” By Ian Halperin

There were reportedly more girls than previously thought that slept in Michael Jackson’s bed. Among them are:

His goddaughter Nicole Richie says she was one:


You know, a group of us would all sleep in the same room,” she said. “It was like, absolutely nothing more than just… an adult kind of wanting to be a kid again. Just, you know, enjoying the company of children. I grew up with him. I have spent many evenings there and many days there. I can only speak for myself that absolutely nothing went on.”

Nicole also said that she wouldn’t have held her tongue had Jackson tried anything with her. “I’m not a quiet person,” she said. “If there was something going on, I’d be like, ‘Who are you?’… and I’d tell my parents. But my parents would never put me in hands that they thought were dangerous. I never had any complaints, and you know, I love him.”

Brandi Jackson


Brandi Jackson testified that her Paternal Uncle literally begged her at age 6 to sleep in his bed.

Simone Jackson


During the trial Simone Jackson said she slept in the Pop Singer’s bed frequently between the ages of  8 and 9:

ZONEN: Did you ever spend the night in Michael Jackson’s room?
ZONEN: Okay. By yourself?
ZONEN: Did you ever spend a night in his room in his bed with him?
ZONEN: By yourself?
ZONEN: All right. How old were you when you did that?
SIMONE: I was about eight, nine.

Here is an excerpt from Ian Halperin’s “Unmasked”, where he interviews Allison Smith about her time at Neverland.


During the course of my investigation, I found four of these girls. One of them, Allison V. Smith, is now a world-renowned photographer who has shot photos for The New York Times, Esquire, and The New Yorker, among others. She is also an heiress to the Neiman Marcus luxury department store fortune as the granddaughter of the late retail legend, Stanley Marcus.

During the trial, they kept talking about all the boys who slept in his bed. Well, I’m a girl and I slept in his bed when I was a kid. The prosecutor must know that there were girls around, but he never mentioned it”, she says, adding that her friendship with Jackson was “a lot of fun” but that she doesn’t like talking about it publicly.

I was tempted to offer myself up as a defense witness,” she recalls, “but I didn’t relish the media circus.”


Andrea Patel


Dedicated “The Way You Make Me Feel” to her.

Nazir Patel was one of the lucky ones to meet the late pop icon Michael Jackson and take his autograph.

Arif Patel puts on Michael Jackson’s sequined jacket before meeting the icon backstage at a concert

We had the good fortune of knowing between October 1984 until March 1988.

A great human being who always spoke well of other celebrities whenever we spoke on phone during the years he kept in touch.

It was Oct 1984 when he called us at The Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto in response to a fan letter I wrote on behalf of our daughter.

Andrea aged 3 and a letter that I was able to get through his father whom I met outside the hotel walking on the street. Thereafter he invited us to his Victory Tour concert as VIP guests. And started a friendship that would have him call many times. In Nov 87 he dedicated a single The Way You Make Me Feel to our daughter Andrea 7 and then invited us to a Bad concert reception in New York in March 1988. Thereafter I received a large size photo of me with him in April.

My name is Andrea Patel. When I was 6 years old, I met Michael Jackson here in Toronto and he personally invited my family to his concert. Soon after he would phone us, and send us boxes of stickers/gum. Then to top it off he dedicated the single ‘The way you Make me Feel’ to me. Dedicated to Andrea Patel of Canada, I love you. It’s something I have never been able to live down, even if I try. People are always fascinated by this and refer to him as my best bud even though I don’t talk to him anymore. It truly was 15 minutes of fame!

Unfortunately we never heard from him once he fired his manager at the time Frank Dileo. However fond memories will always remain with us. We never used our friendship for any personal gains although we had offers for our story which we always refused. Until to this day I never gave up trying to get in touch with him. But his new managers were of no help and my mail probably never reached him. I was still hoping to hear from him even just a day prior to his passing away.

The last card Thinking of You I sent to an address in L.A belonging to Michael that was provided by a friendly source has not returned to me undelivered. Perhaps the people around him may have not been delivering my mail to him. I would just like to express my condolences to his family members and especially his dad who gave this great opportunity by passing on my fan letter to his son. To us and to the world he will always be remembered as the King of Pop. We will miss him.

Michael autographed the cover of the Thriller album to Andrea, autographed the cover of the Bad album and also wrote a whole page in his handwriting to our son as well autographed many other photos to each one of us. And I took many photos of him with my family members when he had invited us to his hotel suite in Four Seasons. We have shared those memories with friends, relatives and coworkers.

Soleil Moon Frye


In a new memoir,Frye recounts having visited Neverland and being “babysat” by Jackson:

She explains that she met Jackson through his close friend Quincy Jones, and shortly thereafter, Frye and her mother were invited to Jackson’s home.

Frye can still vividly remember the magical day she spent with Michael.

She tells Access Hollywood Live, “I had gone to this awesome concert with him,a Bruce Springsteen concert… and then he invited us over to the house and so my mum came over and then I stayed with the family there and then they wound up having to leave and I wound up staying.It was awesome.

It was before Neverland, he had a place in the (California) Valley… We watched Willy Wonka (& The Chocolate Factory) and we did wind up in a jacuzzi… It was actually a really fun highlight in my life. Nothing weird happened; he was totally sweet.

He had all these animals; he had, like, a llama.”

Michael took my mother and me on a tour of his home. We saw his elaborate costumes encased in glass, his bedroom, all of his knickknacks, and his stunning recording studio … We watched ‘Willy Wonka,’ and Michael and I sat next to each other. He had a way of speaking as if he were a child, too.”

We went outside on his stunning property and began walking over a bridge when a swan jumped out at me… Michael threw me to the ground in an effort to protect me. He explained that the female swan was pregnant and so the male swan was protecting her. Seemed normal, I guess.”

After the swan incident, Jackson invited Frye “to take a Jacuzzi” with him, and the two spent time “talking about life, love and the secrets of the world” while in the tub. But like many of Jackson’s child-friends who have since grown, Frye recalls a kind and insightful man that treated her with respect and regard:

I remember him talking about the fact that he related more to kids than adults and that grown-ups never completely understood him. He sat across from me and we had a dialogue as if we were peers – a true heart-to-heart. He never made me feel like this was a bizarre situation. It just seemed as if he really wanted someone to talk to,someone who would make no judgments about him.”

In fact, the actress holds the memory fondly, and says:

This story is not one I have shared often,but now I realize, if even for only one night, Michael Jackson was my babysitter.

As strange as it all sounds – and I know it sounds strange – it was a highlight in my young life.”

Frye said the encounter was her one and only with the King of Pop.

Soleil Moon Frye, Huffington Post

HuffPost: And you hung out with Michael Jackson.
Frye: I was friends with a family who was very close with him. I went to a Bruce Springsteen concert and he was there with Elizabeth Taylor and I gave him a gold yo-yo and he played with it. Then I got invited to his home with my mom and we had dinner there. I have very clear memories of eating tomato soup.

HuffPost: How old were you?

Frye: Nine years old. It’s so funny when people ask me, ‘Do you think you had a normal childhood?’ and I’m like, ‘What’s normal?’ For me, I was always able to be a kid and have a balance. It was certainly eccentric and in its way unique but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Sage Romero

Spencer Malnik


This picture is all kinds of wrong.


Finaldi hints that he thinks Jane Doe was targeted because she was “an extreme tomboy”. Jackson over the years has described his general and also romantic preference for “tomboys” over “girly-girls” in a song and numerous interviews:

Janet is a tomboy. That is why it kills me to see her off and married. We did everything together and were just alike. We write a whole schedule for the day and follow it. It’s a terrible loss.” – Michael Jackson, on Janet Jackson’s 1984 marriage to James DeBarge

She said that the body she was born, it was wrong kind
She wears black, red and all that, to hide who she is inside
Tomboy, tomboy, tomboy, you are accepted the way you’re
There’s no one, to tell you otherwise, keep your head up high
Tomboy, tomboy, tomboy, you are moon you are a star
You shine to peoples lives, bring back the the hope and a smiles
There’s no one, to tell you can’t
Because you can if you want
No one can let you down and tell you can’t
To be that you feel in your heart

  • Tomboy”, an unreleased track from Michael Jackson’s “Bad”

MJ: … I don’t like most girls. There are very few I like who fit the mold. It takes a very special mold to make me happy …

MJ: It takes a lot to find a mirror image,a mirror image. People always say that opposites attract and I think that is true, as well. But I want somebody who is a lot like me, who has the same interests and who wants to help and they gotta go to hospitals with me and care. .. That’s why you saw Lisa Marie and me at those kinds of things.She cared about that stuff, too.

Note: One of the letters attached was Michael’s typed letter to “Jane AA Doe” thanking her for meeting with, talking with, and entertaining HIV/AIDS-patient Ryan White and informing her that there was a burn-victim he wanted her to meet.

SB: Even at a younger age they are playing with dolls and they are marrying Barbie and Ken. In other words, the quintessential thing is – that if boys are shooting spit balls at each other, the girls will say, “Stop doing that.” Even then they want to be older.It is almost against their gender. Have you ever found girls who like the practical jokes that you like? Have you ever found a woman who collects comics?

MJ: It is a rarity. If I find one I will go nuts. Especially, if she has those qualities and is beautiful inside. It would be a home run for me.That’s why guys hang out. Because they can do that.

MJ: Riding his bike at the White House. Did you see it? He was riding his bike in the White House to get him to the next meeting. A great shot of him In Vanity Fair. Can you think of Hillary doing that? Nope, not in a million years. I can think of little girls who would join in with play. Girls who are tomboys.

SB: Do you think that a child star as cute as Shirley Temple, do you think a boy star could be that cute?

MJ: Yeah, but he wouldn’t have the same … Shirley Temple just had something that was meant to give us bliss and make us smile.


Jackson was obsessed with Shirley Temple and not only had pictures of her throughout his home and backstage, but he would even insist his staff place pictures of Shirley Temple in hotel rooms when he traveled. He even had a special guest room in his Neverland Valley Ranch he nicknamed “The Shirley Temple Room”.

MJ: Yeah. I don’t like the women who are always saying, “My nails need to be done. I have to do my toes. I need a manicure”. I hate all that. I like it when girls are a little bit more tomboyish. If they wrestle, climb a tree. I love that… It is sexier to me. I like class though. Class is everything.

SB: If a woman walks around with all her cleavage showing…

MJ: Frank loves it.

(Michael gestured to Frank Cascio, who was sitting right next to us. We all laughed.)

SB: A man might want sex with a woman like that. But it doesn’t mean that he would want to fall in love with a woman like that.

MJ: Of course you want to look. I am in love with innocence and I tell Frank that.

Heres what another one of his female child-friends (of 10 years!) former Child-Actress & Producer/Choreographer/Director Kellie Parker also stated of Michael’s fascination with tomboys:

You know it’s funny, I auditioned for it, then didn’t hear anything for six months and thought somebody else must have gotten it. Well, originally it was caused Chicago Nights. And they weren’t quite sure what exactly it was going to be. And I actually found out a couple of years later, I was doing a press thing with Michael, and they’d asked how he’d chosen each of us. Apparently what got me the job was, they got me in to do a screen test and after the screen test they’d left the cameras rolling. And I was such a tomboy, that was me – I had braids in my hair, I was raggedy, ripped up jeans. I was just tough! I wanted to be a guy. And Brandon did the screen test with me and we had a ball or something and he was playing with it and I went up to him and was like, ‘You’re doing it wrong! God!’ But they’d left it rolling. So that’s what Michael saw and he was like, ‘Oh my god, I have to have her.”

The look that I have in the video, tomboy with the messy braids, was exactly how I went in for the audition. I was never a girly-girl, and it was sort of my niche that set me apart from at the other girls. I was a toughie, always wanting to be one of the boys. I think that is maybe what caught Michael’s eye. I was fairly raw, not very polished.”




Contrary to popular belief, Jane Doe’s complaint isn’t the first time Jackson has been accused of sexually-inappropriate behaviors with young girls.

One of Jackson’s first documented relationships was with the child actress Tatum O’Neal in the 1970s.Their friendship was established by the time O’Neal was 12 (born 1963) and Jackson was 17 (born 1958), and featured in gossip columns for several years after Jackson reflected in 1982 that he and O’Neal had been engaged in a serious relationship,but because both were busy, it had “cooled off” to the point of their remaining just friends.

In the documentary Living With Michael Jackson (2003), Michael alleged that near the beginning of their relationship, the 12-year-old actress tried to seduce the then 17-year-old singer. According to Jackson,the incident happened at her home, where she attempted to unbutton his shirt and talked explicitly about sex. O’Neal’s behavior apparently proved too much for Jackson, who became scared and covered his face, before she walked away. When confronted with the allegation, O’Neal claimed to have been “just as shocked as everyone else”. She stated that while having respect for Jackson as an artist and a person, he had “a very vivid imagination”. The actress described his statements as “inaccurate”; “at 12 years old, there was no way she was capable of being as mature or as sophisticated as he claimed”. O’Neal released her autobiography A Paper Life in 2004, a year after the Jackson documentary. In the book, she claimed it was Jackson who attempted to seduce her:

I met him at the On the Rox, the club Lou Adler & Jack Nicholson opened upstairs from the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. Michael was around 17 at the time, about 5 years older than me, & he seemed very sheltered & fearful & lonely–not at all what you’d expect a world-renowned performer to be. As I recall, he didn’t even know how to drive a car.

He gave me his number, & we started talking everyday–long drawn-out conversations that sometimes got so boring I would hand over the receiver to my friend Esme Gray. Michael would just keep on, thinking he was talking to me. His usual subject was sex. At 12 I didn’t have much to say about sex–all I knew was that it went on, pretty steadily, in my father’s room next to mine. But Michael was intensely curious about anything and everything sexual, though in an incredibly sweet & innocent way.

He was a huge star, but it seemed he barely even dated & knew little about life. He once came to my house & asked to come upstairs b/c he’d never been in a girl’s bedroom before. He sat on the bed, & we kissed very briefly, but it was terribly awkward. For all my passionate crushes on people like Dustin Hoffman, I was just 12 & not at all ready for a real-life encounter. So I said, ‘I can’t’. Michael, who was sweating profusely, seemed as intimidated as I was. He jumped up nervously & said, ‘Uh, gotta go.’
That’s the closest I ever got to Michael which is why I’m amazed by his recent claim on national TV that I’d seduced him but he was too shy to carry it through.I absolutely adored Michael–as a friend–& I admire him to this day. I believe that he fell in love w/ me. I’m told that he wrote the song ‘She’s Out of My Life’ on his album Off the Wall for me. What an honor (Jackson didn’t write that song,she believed an untrue rumor here).
At the time of the supposed seduction,I was barely pubescent, & what I’d seen of sex so far was unappealing & gross. It may have been Michael’s fantasy that I’d seduce him–and it’s a little sad that he cast himself as failing,even in his dream–but it just didn’t happen.”

Michael Jackson holding Marielle Tourelle’s (child-friend from ages 12-14 only) hand.

Read here about Marielle:

Michael Jackson and Marielle Tourelle (1996-1998)

“ … And I was watching the band, I was sitting there, and underneath the table, [Tatum] was holding my hand, and I was, like melting. [Rabbi Shmuley: She held your hand and you felt love?] Fireworks going off. It was all I needed.” – A Conversation Between Michael Jackson & Rabbi Shmuley

How many grown-men in their late 30s do you know that befriend unrelated pubescent girls? How many grown-men in their late 30s do you know that hold hands with unrelated pubescent girls? How many pubescent girls do you that you know that wants to hold an adult’s hand in public?

In the 2003 Raid on Neverland, among Jackson’s collection of Child Erotica was a book titled, “In Search Of Young Beauty” which included pictures of both clothed and nude girls and boys.

Multiple copies of “Barely Legal” magazines featuring legally-adult, teenage-females who looked much younger than their ages were also found.

  • Each pictorial is accompanied by what purports to be a profile of or interview with the model, although a disclaimer in the fine print of each issue’s indicia clearly states that this text is fiction and likely has little to no basis in reality. These profiles tend to pander to the readers’ fantasies by portraying the models as somewhat naive and sexually inexperienced, but curious and eager to start satisfying their sexual appetites, especially with the older men who make up the main demographic of the magazine.”

In 2004, Police said similar claims were made by Jackson’s then-18-year-old friend Ahmad Elatab:

A potential witness in the Michael Jackson trial is accused of having sex with a minor.

Ahmad Elatab is held on $25,000 bail. The 18-year-old faces charges of sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and impairing the morals of a minor.

Police say a 14-year-old Paramus Catholic High School girl who knew Elatab from a belly-dancing class invited him to her home while her parents were sleeping earlier this month.

Police say Elatab brought pornographic discs and they watched them in the basement.

Police say the girl told them Elatab bragged he had been at Jackson’s house and had seen the pop star seduce a girl. Elatab told police the sex was consensual, authorities said, and he denied saying that he saw Jackson seduce a girl.Consent, however, is not at issue because the girl is underage.The age of consent in New Jersey is 16.

Elatab is on the list of potential witnesses for Jackson’s child molestation trial. He also has been a vocal defender of the pop singer’s innocence.

He befriended Jackson’s cancer-stricken accuser and said the boy told him Jackson helped him fight the illness through meditation.

uk 46.jpg

Michael would rather hold an unrelated girl’s (Harriet Lester’s) hand than his son’s hand – of whom really seemed to want to hold his daddy’s hand?

Was Michael Jackson also interested in young girls – even if it was to a minor degree, in comparison to his obvious interest in young boys? Did Michael Jackson molest/rape “Jane AA Doe” as she claims? We may never know the answers.But we must keep an open mind, and watch how the filing of this compliant plays out, because unfortunately her allegations aren’t as far-fetched as some want to believe and ignoring Jane Doe’s claims could mean ignoring a possible victim and many other possible victims …

Hear Jane’s lawyer in an interview:


~special thanks to “the Libran Genius”



  1. Good article, I just want to point out one minor error (and this isn’t really an error on your behalf, it’s from the quote by Tatum O’Neal: Jackson didn’t write “She’s Out of My Life” for O’Neal, he didn’t write the song at all. The song was written by Tom Bahler and Frank Sinatra was originally intended to sing the song.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean that Tatum is lying, I doubt her story. She probably heard a false rumour and believed it. Maybe Jackson told people that he sang it for Tatum. We may never know.


      • The real story is Shes out of my life was not written by him,she got that wrong. But Michael cried at the end of the song every take of the recording session.and Quincy did not understand why because as immature as michael was Q wasnt aware that he could have experienced a real relationship..At the end after several takes and MJ always crying Quincy decided to leave it as it is and thats what you listen in the album he crying at the end. And yes probably he was crying about her cause up til 1978 he and Tatum were in touch.


  2. its obvious he had a thing for little skinny blond girls.Conrad Murray says he likes the little girl from lord of the rings.
    The sad thing is all Mj black fans fantasise that he liked curvy black women wich he clearly does not.He used to call fat Janet,theres a video where he is in a car in gary witha guy that looks gay,there are fans running to get to the car with their tits boucing and all hes able to do is laugh at them. The man didnt like a good pair of tits only skinny flat chested girls like Lady di,his ideo actreses and whitney houston.He like d skinny mixed girls too..
    I think MJ was experimenting in the late 80s with kids(boys and girls)he had sex with women in the 90s and he finally became mostly gay in the 2000s.You can clealy see in his body language how feminin he became in the 2000sit starts in the History time but hes really a drag queen int he 2000s and he doesnt care.The body language doesnt lie.He didnt behaved like that in the Thriller or BAD times.He embraced his homosexuality and thats the reason why in the ranch search in 2003 they found only men DNA.By that time after divorcing Lisa marie and Debbie Rowe there were no women relationship. it was probably Batti and cascios all the way til the end.
    Ive seen a picture of him kissing his dauhter paris in the mouth and looks disturbing.. Did you know that pedophiles share manuals where it tells you ways to come close to children.They advice you to study teacher,sportshave a candy store etc but they also advice you to have your own children or adopt.Probably Paris has been kissed and touched in ways a father does not do but she wasnt even aware of it. Maybe thats the reason why he did not want them to be geneticly his…is this too far streched?
    Im not saying he abused her sexually,but they ar enot blood related.Its a possibility.Those children were unprotected isolated from the world with him.after Gavin they should ahve gave them to Debbie.he paid her off AGAIN and kept the children…


  3. by the way if you watch that video of the visit to Gary when he is laughin at the fans tits bouncing in the car you will see that gay looking young guy sitting next to him in the car,he looks just liek one of those parody gay stylist in movies..he is giving some perfume on MJ’s crouch wich I found was a nasty joke and I wondered who that guy was and how intimate he had to be to Michael Jackson to shoot some perfume on his private parts ¿? Anyway…if you watch that video you will see Mj bodylanguage is soooooo gay compared to his 80s visit to Gary where he just seemed shy.He already had all the make up on int he 80s visit but he just didnt seem gay in his behavior.But he does in the early 2000s visit


  4. I never thought Jackson tried anything with girls, but Jane Doe definitely brought the receipts. We know that he doted on her, which he often did to his “interests.” We know that he paid her off, which he often did to his “problems.” I see no reason not to believe her. Jackson was primarily interested in men, but children lack a lot of sexual characteristics anyway. Not to mention he was just messed up. Sad.


  5. I remember one story about bed sharing from Ebony magazine of all places. It was a sweet story about Michaels hairdresser and her daughter. The hairdresser would go to Neverland to do Michaels hair and he provided a room for them but her daughter stayed in Michaels room. Since Michael repeated patterns, it makes me wonder about Skye Ferreira whose grand mother was Michaels hairdresser, too. Or Karen Faye’s daughter. Not alleging abuse just bed sharing.


  6. I think Brooke Shields should be filed under appropriate behavior. Not because she has accused him of anything but what Michael said. During Michaels memorial, Brooke said she met Michael when she was thirteen. In interviews, Michael states how thrilling it was to meet her. He tells how he told her he had her pictures all over his room and when he went home he was so excited he was dancing around his room. It is not appropriate for a grown man to have pictures of thirteen year old girls and dance around because they met them.


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