read: Michael Jackson and Leif Garret (1979)

This website researches Michael Jackson’s obsession with children, mainly boys. Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation/sexual harassment multiple times. It is impossible to act like those accusers don’t exist. This website researches Michael Jackson’s friendships with young boys.

It is my goal to educate the public about these frienships without making a judgment if they were innocent or not.

Here you can see the list:

Michael Jackson’s young friends

I would like you to read the stories of these children, before you make any final conclusion.

You can read here about people who were allowed to sleep in Jackson’s bed:

MJ’s bed

His adult erotica (the homosexual erotica/porn) was already included in this article about Jackson’s adult orientation:

Evidence that Michael Jackson was bisexual or homosexual (adult men)

Here you can read the 5 latest articles:

Recent articles

The section “Uncategorized” contains articles about what other people witnessed between MJ and kids, his relationships with women/young girls and a lot more:


Important note:If you notice any grammar mistake on this website, I apologize. English is not my native language, I hope this is forgivable. 🙂